Meet Volcan!

He wasn’t getting paid by his previous network, so he was looking to join to a DA firm. Once he found us, he was offered to talk to one of our senior advisors, who explained the opportunities of working with us.

“I went onto Linkedin and wrote to many company directors…then looked at the proposition. 

Out of 20 firms I was looking at the final five. 

The financial offer was good but also the company sounded trustworthy. I joined them 8 months ago and I am very happy. Getting paid on time and getting the support I need.” 

Why would you recommend it to others? 

“I like the way we work, I am able to work remotely, in charge of own diary and get paid on time. Also, the CRM system provided is really helpful.” (Volkan)

Our mortgage brokers


Read Chris’s story below.

“I used to be a mortgage broker, but decided to explore other business ideas. So, I run a different business for about 10 years. However, the landscape changed and after selling my business I decided to get back to mortgages. 

First I found myself getting trained by a very aggressive team, who was overdirecting. 

I believe spending the right amount of time with customers will put a human element into this fairly dry process. Now I can work the way I want and getting the support I need. I also use the leads service which I find very beneficial.” (Chris)