Mortgage Broker Jobs

Mortgage Broker Jobs are available nationwide on a self-employed basis. Predominantly Mortgage Brokers can work on a face to face basis as well as remotely to better serve clients.

We are currently seeking experienced Mortgage Brokers to join our directly authorised firm on a self-employed basis.

You can help mortgage clients:

  • Locally
  • nationally, and
  • internationally if this interests you.

Competitive packages are available as well as support provided in all shapes and sizes because we are not a “one size fits all” firm. We can help in many areas of your business including professional development and even marketing including developing and creating a strong brand for your trading style.

Mortgage Broker Jobs

The Mortgage Broker jobs package includes:

Business Builder or Accelerator Packages – Find out more by Calling Chris on 07504 262 317

No Upfront Monthly Costs

That’s right! No upfront monthly costs to be part of what is a very successful firm.

We want to give you every possible chance to get your business off the ground as soon as possible because we know that is important for most advisers.

Free Sourcing Software & *Criteria Hub

We provide your sourcing software free of charge for you every month as long as you use our preferred mortgage club. There is no reason not to so you can look forward to having Twenty7Tec as part of your sourcing suite.

Speak to us about Criteria Hub! Depending which package you choose Criteria Hub could be provided at no cost to you as well. T&C’s apply.

Client Portal Included

Build lasting relationships with our bespoke and exclusive client portal. This is available for our Mortgage Advisers only! Conduct your business quickly, compliantly, and without frustration. The client portal is:

User Friendly

Quick & Easy to use!

Integrated Fact Find.

Fast document upload.

Manage your clients easily with our case tracking screen.

CPD management.


Pipeline Tracking Dashboard

Financial Technology built with the Mortgage Broker in mind! You wont want to use any other system and minimal familiarisation training needed.

All of this equates to faster payments being made to you.

mortgage broker jobs

Remote Working

We also support remote working. Our systems and client portal can support applications when done on a non face to face basis.

That does not mean to say that you cannot choose to see your clients in person – Just remember to stay safe!

Mortgage Leads Supplied – Unlimited

Depending on the package you select we will supply as many leads as you can handle.

You can choose to accept leads which are payable on the back-end. This means that you don’t have to pay anything until the case completes and all commissions have been received. It also means that you are not paying for leads that you do not convert which for some mortgage advisers is a fair deal.

Alternatively, you can purchase high-quality leads at a discounted price and have the cost deducted from your earnings on statement day.

There are advantages and disadvantages for both schemes. Please speak to us and we will be happy to discuss how each package works. You can then choose which is best for you. You are not locked into a package.

No Minimum Sales Targets & No Penalties

Advisers join us because we provide the right amount of support to help you achieve more if you want it. There is no limit to how much you can earn but at the same time, we allow you to run your business without having to worry about meeting your quota. This is extremely important when your business is growing. Continue to build your business the right way without having to worry about penalties. Once you have earned an enhanced commission tier we will never put you down again because we want to help build your business and not dismantle it.

You are in charge of your own diary! We are here to provide support if you require it whilst giving you the space to run your business how you want.

mortgage broker jobs
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Get Paid On Time Twice Every Month

We want to make sure you get paid fast which is why we work with Mortgage Clubs who pay quickly and give the highest payments in the industry.

We guarantee two statement days per month! If we receive a large commission we can upon request provide an express payment outside of the standard statement days. It cannot get much better than that!

Full Marketplace Flexibility

You will be working on a true “whole of market” basis. Whilst we have our recommended routes to business you are not tied to any particular club or packager. You can choose the type of client you want to deal with.

We want to give you the flexibility to help your clients the best way you ca


We supply in-house compliance support when you join the team. Our compliance officer has many years of experience and will guide you when needed.


We will help you with your marketing strategy should you need it. Building your brand and choosing the types of business that motivates you is extremely important for many reasons. In other words, marketing techniques can be used to build credibility as well as seeing new and existing clients use your services.

If you get your marketing right from the start you will be paying the foundations for new business in the future without having to rely on lead generation.

A Friendly Team

For some of our advisers, this is the most important reason for joining us because an unhappy environment has not been productive in the past! We want you to enjoy being a mortgage broker and look forward to speaking and helping your clients every day.

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